Small GPS/INS from MicroStrain

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LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems

The 3DM-GX3-45 from MicroStrain Inc., Williston, VT, is a 44 by 25 mm, 23 g GPS-aided inertial navigation system suited for vehicle tracking, camera pointing, antenna pointing, and unmanned aerial and micro vehicle navigation. The device combines MEMS inertial sensors with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and an extended Kalman filter to provide improved GPS-out navigation performance and accurate attitude estimates even during sustained high-g maneuvers, and higher-rate PVA data than typical GPS alone. An embedded geomagnetic model provides estimates of the Earth's magnetic field vector in the local area. Navigation data as well as raw GPS data, raw inertial data, and system status information are time-aligned and available through the MIP application programming interface.

Contact Info

Company: LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 802-862-6629

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