Small, Fully Integrated 16-bit ADC from TI

Texas Instruments (TI) Inc.

The ADS1118 from Texas Instruments (TI) Inc., Dallas, TX, is a 2 by 1.5 mm 16-bit delta-sigma ADC with integrated PGA, reference, temperature sensor, and 4-input multiplexer. The ADC provides direct, linearized measurements with uncalibrated error guaranteed below 0.5°C from 0°C–65°C. The built-in internal reference supports data rates up to 860 sps. The device enables DA of multiple signals from a variety of sensors. Its small QFN package option lets you place the ADC close to sensors, it supports 2.0–5.5 V power supplies, consumes 150 µA (typ.), and provides a complete DA system when paired with an MSP430 microcontroller. Applications include portable, battery-powered industrial devices for temperature measurement, gas monitoring, industrial process control, and instrumentation.

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Company: Texas Instruments (TI) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)

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