Small And Smart Encoder Provides A 5-nm Resolution

Small And Smart Encoder Provides A 5-nm Resolution
Celera Motion

The MicroE Optira series encoders are described as the only encoders in their class to provide a resolution up to 5 nm with all automatic gain control (AGC), interpolation, and signal processing carried out in the sensor head. Also, wide alignment tolerances and patented PurePrecision optical technology reportedly make the miniature sensor head simple and easy to setup. It comes with two mounting options and a standard FFC connector and a 3.3-Vdc version is available for use in instruments powered by batteries. Measuring 11.4 mm x 13 mm x 3.7 mm, the sensor requires no additional PCBs, adapters, or dongles for full functionality and resolution. For more details, visit

Celera Motion
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Company: Celera Motion
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