SMA Alliance Introduces Revolutionary Solar and Wind Powered Electric Bicycle

CASPER, Wyoming --- SMA Alliance, Inc. has incorporated a new subsidiary, SMA Krate, and enters into a Joint Venture Partnership with Flaunt Electric Vehicles to bring to market state of the art eco-friendly electric bicycles in combination with a revolutionary, integrated green power and storage system.

Upon exploration of the Companies complementary aspirations, a strategic partnership was developed which is expected to strengthen both Companies, with a singular approach to capitalizing on a revolutionary industry. "We are working on an aggressive plan to bring these cutting edge bicycles into the consumer market. What makes our product unique and the new standard in green transportation is that we have incorporated Flaunt's technology with our green energy portfolio. Our investment in solar and wind energy will power these bicycles. We believe we are standing on the threshold of great industry advancements, and we anticipate that this relationship will yield great momentum since the early timing on this niche technology can still experience exponential growth," stated Kit Jennings, Chief Executive Officer, SMA Alliance, Inc.

The company accompanied the introduction of the product with the announcement of the first commercial sale. Mr. Jennings explained that, "We are overjoyed to announce that an order has been placed to purchase our bicycles with our revolutionary, integrated green energy power and storage system with the ebike. The combination product will be called the "FlauntKrate."

FLAUNT Electric Vehicles was founded in 2013 on the idea that eco-friendly transportation could be stylish, affordable, and created with the highest quality standards. After three years of perfecting their product, FLAUNT has released its first top of line performance product - FLAUNT Electric Bicycles.

FLAUNT Electric Bicycles (created by FLAUNT Electric Vehicles) brings together exceptionally high-quality components and market-leading aesthetics to consumers looking for an eco-friendly option for commuting, leisure activities, and outdoor recreation. This eBike is a standout in the industry as it looks like a traditional bicycle, has an affordable price point and has the capability to travel over 40 miles on a single charge powered by a reliable and safe 36 Volt, 15.6 Amp Samsung Lithium-ion Battery Pack.

The Company is continuing to revamp its corporate management structure and a modernization of the Company's image is also underway. Improvements will enhance and demonstrate SMA Alliance's new vision and ongoing accomplishments. Updates will be forthcoming as developments evolve.

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