Sliding Power Connector Is A Hot Swapper

TE Connectivity’s sliding power connector is described as one of the only connectors of its kind that allows for hot swapping (serviceability) of components in a server drawer without shutting power down to the entire system. Designed for applications such as hard disk drives, power supply units, racks, servers, storage units and other high-current applications, the sliding power connector saves significant operational costs because it can reduce the need for system downtime normally required when swapping server drawer components.


The sliding power connector can also minimize the need for a bulky cable management system within the drawer, opening more space for airflow and reducing overall cooling costs. It also shows improved voltage drop over cables due to a more direct path from the power source to the server, increasing energy efficiency. With limited cabled connections, the sliding power connector is allegedly more reliable and leverages a simpler design that is less prone to disconnection from the power source.


For more details, a plethora of resources are available including CAD drawings and datasheets.


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