Skylink Announces INSTEON-Based Wireless Motion Sensor

IRVINE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Skylink unveils the release of the Skylink INSTEON wireless motion sensor, a battery-powered motion-detection module for indoor and outdoor applications. It reliably communicates via INSTEON radio frequency to turn INSTEON-compatible devices or scenes on and off. Skylink has assigned Smarthome as master distributor.

The "world's first INSTEON wireless motion sensor" creates a hands-free option for turning lights or appliances on and off automatically to save effort, energy, and money. The built-in countdown timer is great for areas throughout your home, where lights are commonly left on and a photocell allows for a night-only mode, preventing lights and appliances from coming on during the day, both great energy conservation options. It also features adjustable motion sensitivity, a wireless range of up to 150 ft., a 40 ft. field of vision, a pivoting mounting bracket, and a paintable surface.

"We are very excited about our new INSTEON motion sensor and are confident that homeowners will benefit from this product in different ways" said Gallen Tsui, Director of Sales and Marketing at Skylink Group. Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing at Smarthome said, "The motion sensor is the most requested product of 2008. At a time when consumers are looking to save money, the motion sensor saves significant amounts of energy by ensuring lights and appliances aren't left on in unoccupied rooms."

SmartLabs' INSTEON home control networking technology uses a simple, low-cost combination of wireless and power line communications. With over 200 INSTEON-compatible products, it is easy to link together home systems, such as lighting, security, HVAC, A/V, appliances, and sensors, allowing them to be controlled or monitored from anywhere in the world.

About Skylink
The Skylink Group is a leader in wireless technologies for home automation, access control, and home security. Skylink understands the needs and concerns of the homeowner in providing a safe haven and comfortable environment for their family.

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