Skin-worn Reader Prototype Performs Continuous Oxygen Monitoring

Profusa and NextFlex have developed a reader that can be worn on the skin and works in conjunction with an injected hydrogel sensor for real-time oxygen monitoring in tissue.  The Lumee Oxygen Platform is intended for use in patients with potential acute and/or chronic changes in tissue oxygen levels who may benefit from continuous monitoring. The injectable hydrogel sensor is currently CE Marked in Europe and it is not yet commercially available elsewhere.


According to the developers, this reader was developed in record time, four months, at NextFlex’s research center and fab in San Jose, CA. NextFlex has taken Profusa’s design work and criteria, and pushed them toward a smaller, flexible reality that works in harmony with Profusa’s tissue sensors. With this stage completed and other medical devices in the pipeline, NextFlex is engaged in the application for FDA approval for medical device manufacturing.  For more info, visit NextFlex and Profusa.

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