Sirius Integrator announces the industry’s first ‘Remote Power as-a Service’ Program

Groton, MA - Sirius Integrator announces the industry’s first ‘Remote Power as-a Service (RPaaS) Program for North America. The RPaaS Program will save users money by reducing remote ‘site visits’, provide reliable DC power, and provide access to new fuel cell technologies that can keep systems running for hundreds of days. These remote power configurations are offered to qualified agencies and enterprises to power ‘mission and data critical’ industrial application devices such as surveillance systems, sensors, detectors, pumps, compressors, communications & telecom, signaling and many more.

Sirius Integrator has announced this innovative offering that provides a flexible 'consumption based' way to utilize "Remote Power Solutions" for (grid or solar) backup or continuous unattended off-grid power. We provide an outdoor ready smart fuel cell based battery charger configuration for a fixed minimum monthly price which includes kWhs of power based on your estimated load. If you use more Kwhs than the specified allocation for the month, you will be charged for that incremental power at the end of the term. This is an OPEX (operating expense, or rental) rather than CAPEX (capital expense, or purchase of asset) offering that breaks down the price barrier of using propane, natural gas, and methanol based fuel cell enabled DC generators and reduces new technology risks.

We offer selected sub 500w in-shed, in-trailer, and ‘outdoor ready’ generators that charge several types of battery chemistries. These systems are quiet, maintenance & emissions free, offer a 10v-48v charging range and use locally available fuel. The longer your RPaaS program commitment the better the monthly kWh rate.

• Flexible consumption model based on kWhs delivered
• Quiet and maintenance free turnkey configurations
• Locally available fuel options
• Fuel cell lifetimes and purchase price not a factor
• Fuel cell hardware risks reduced
• Monthly operating expense (opex) based on usage
• Aligned operational expense to a "mission" or "revenue event"
• Credit card use for RPaaS program rentals
• Access to the newest fuel cell technology
• Planned winter rental deployments (where and when solar backup is needed)
• Emergency replacements & fast fuel cell logistic options
• Systems maintained by Sirius Integrator
• Optional remote monitoring and management assistance

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