Sionex Launches New Custom Analyzer Service

BEDFORD, MA -- Sionex Corp., a leading producer of trace chemical sensors and sensor systems, announced a new service to deliver customized microAnalyzer products preprogrammed to detect the specific chemical compounds that its customers need to track.

The microAnalyzer is an integrated system that can quickly detect, identify and quantify extremely minute quantities of chemicals to the level of parts per trillion in air or in vaporized liquids.

With the new service, customers can draw on the chemical library and the technical expertise of Sionex to target the microAnalyzer at the particular chemicals they want to identify and monitor. Little or no further adjustment of the microAnalyzer is needed by the customer to put it into the field. Specific applications that the microAnalyzer has been successfully used in include:

  • Monitoring volatile organic compounds on the International Space Station
  • Detecting pesticides in drinking water headspace
  • Monitoring odor levels around waste water treatment plants
  • Sensing organophosphates and ammonia in the air inside semiconductor fabrication plants.
  • Identifying chemical warfare agents in the battlefield
  • Fence-line monitoring of benzene around industrial plants

"Our microDMx technology is very robust, allowing the microAnalyzer to be programmed to identify a very wide variety of compounds in the most minute quantities," said Wes Davis, CEO of Sionex. "While our customers typically use the system to track up to a dozen chemicals, the strength of our microAnalyzer is that it can be programmed to detect up to 50 depending on the environment.

"But our customers typically are focused on a particular set of chemicals that they need to identify and track. With this new service, we can deliver an application-ready device that meets our customers' needs directly and lets them deploy the Sionex sensor quickly and efficiently."

The microAnalyzer is the only product to provide, in one, small, portable package, an (oven-less) gas chromatographic (GC) separation module and Sionex's patented microDMx sensor, dramatically improving selectivity in complex chemical environments. Sensitivity is typically in the range of parts per trillion, while the speed of the microDMx technology allows for processing times between 30 seconds and five minutes.

The cost of microAnalyzers customized for particular chemical compounds varies, based on the number of compounds and the specific compounds selected. The microAnalzyer and other Sionex products are sold directly to end-users and through value-added resellers and system integrators.

About Sionex
Sionex Corp. provides breakthrough trace chemical sensor chips, subsystems and complete systems based on its proprietary microDMx detection technology. Sionex maintains its worldwide headquarters and laboratories in Bedford, MA. The Company is privately held and was founded in 2001.

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