Single-Use Biometric Patches Extend Intelligent Healthcare

Qualcomm Life has designed and developed what it is calling breakthrough reference designs for cost-effective, connected and medical-grade biometric patches that will enable a multitude of intelligent care models, from perioperative care to assessing the impact of therapeutic interventions.  Designed to allow health care professionals to monitor patients across the entire care continuum with access to near real-time data, the patches measure a variety of biometric parameters, including clinical thermometry and sophisticated motion measurements.


According to Qualcomm Life, its wearable patch technology will be transformative in its ability to provide timely and accurate data to enable care providers to make better-informed decisions. The low-power, cost-effective, single-use design will fuel new, scalable care models as the medical industry transitions from episodic, reactive care to more continuous, proactive, intelligent care.


The patches were developed on Qualcomm Life's 2net Design platform, a reference design platform for electronics modules that power connected medical devices including disposable drug delivery devices and disposable diagnostic devices. Benchmark Electronics, a provider of integrated electronics manufacturing, design and engineering services, will license the reference designs and serve as the device design and manufacturer of record with the FDA for those sensors. 


Cutting edge healthcare and medical applications involving sensors will be presented and discussed at Sensors Midwest. Experts will be speaking at the Innovative Sensor Applications in Health & Medical Workshop that will be held Tuesday, October 3 from 10:15 AM to 2 PM.


In addition to topics that will include Soft Wearable Biosensors for Personalized Medicine, Biomedical Optical Sensing to Improve Lung Cancer Screening and Minimally Invasive Surgeries, and Bridging Laboratory Research & Real World Applications, there will be an Entrepreneurs Showcase. Here, you will learn about some of the most exciting medical startups in the sensors industry. During the first part of the session, you’ll hear from three entrepreneurs who are integrating sensors into medical applications to improve accuracy, decrease operator error and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Come, learn, and innovate at Sensors Midwest.

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