Single Photon Counting Module Is NIR-Optimized

Single Photon Counting Module Is NIR-Optimized
Excelitas Technologies Corp.

The SPCM-NIR single-photon counting module is performance-optimized for the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength spectrum to support long-range LIDAR, quantum communication and microscopy applications, as well as many others. It uses a specially selected silicon avalanche photodiode (SLiK) with peak single photon detection efficiency (PDE) at 780 nm, typically better than 73%, while maintaining uniformity over a 180 μm diameter active area. The SPCM-NIR features gated output and a single 5V power supply and offers linearity over a high count rate. A maximum count rate can be sustained if the case temperature is maintained within specified limits. Its peak light intensity is 104 photons per pulse, with pulse width < 1 ns. Each module is supplied with test data indicating the module’s actual dark count, dead time, pulse width, photon detection efficiency and linearity correction factor. Additional applications include photon correlation spectroscopy, astronomical observation, adaptive optics, optical range finding, particle sizing, ultra-sensitive fluorescence, and imaging.

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