Single Energy Harvesting (EH) Platform for IIoT, Wearable Tech & Automotive Applications

Elkhart, TN -- Jennova Inc. introduced a full array of patented Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technologies at the Sensors Expo & Conference held in San Jose, California. The demonstrations explored the latest battery power management and vibrational harvesting technologies available to gather energy that would otherwise be lost in physical motion. This includes the operation of devices ranging from body sensor networks and automotive sensors to the billions of monitors used to extrapolate data from the Industrial Internet of Things. (IIoT).

During the event, Christian Pennisi, Jennova’s director of operations, furthered this discussion by addressing the trends and challenges surrounding “Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Past, Present & Future.” After summarizing the various forms of small-scale EH technologies in the marketplace today, he highlighted the current ability of Electrodynamic EH devices to generate energy in the milli-watt range and power low-demand IoT layers and other connected devices.

To dramatically emphasize the potential for EH technologies in these markets, Jennova showcased several applications utilizing their battery power management and vibrational harvesting technologies. In addition to illustrating how companies can maximize ROI, Jennova demonstrations included:
• EH modules connected to an EH boosting battery management circuit to show how the system can gather power at very low RPM from variable reluctance and vibration sensors
• Combination EH/battery units allowing sensor IoT arrays to operate in excess of 20 years without maintenance
• EH module technologies enabling use with systems like pumps cycling, HVAC units cycling, etc., where rotation or variable reluctance may be intermittent
• Battery management circuitry enabling the safe charging of high power lithium batteries (effective dumping of excess power) and safe battery turn off (protecting the IoT sensors)
• New patented Industrial and Wireless Diesel Tachometers, specifically designed to provide simple, self-powered solutions for generating tachometry readings from nearly any motor

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