Single-Chip Balun Eliminates Antenna Circuitry

STMicroelectronics offers a matched balun for its S2-LP 868-927MHz low-power radio transceiver that promises to save board space and minimize RF-circuit design challenges. The 3.26-mm2 BALF-SPI2-01D3 integrates all the impedance-matching and filtering components needed to connect an antenna to the S2-LP radio, replacing a conventional network of 16 discrete capacitors and inductors that can occupy up to 100 mm2 of board real-estate. Essentially, this translates into a footprint reduction of more than 96%.


Additionally, circuit design is greatly simplified, with no need to select component values or tackle exacting layout challenges. Fully optimized for the S2-LP, the balun comes with placement and connection recommendations that are tested and verified and can be directly replicated to maximize RF performance. The BALF-SPI2-01D3 is in production now, in a 6-bump 2.1 mm x 1.55 mm chip-scale package (CSP), priced from $0.176 each/500. Should you be clamoring for more specs, a BALF-SPI2-01D3 datasheet is available for you learning pleasure.



Burlington, MA


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