Simulator Emulates Battery Performance End To End

Simulator Emulates Battery Performance End To End

Forecasting shorter design and test cycles for mobile devices, Tektronix claims that the Keithley 2281S battery simulator/precision dc power supply is the industry’s first to emulate battery performance from full charge to total discharge. It does so using a battery model that includes state of charge, amp-hour capacity, equivalent series resistance, and open circuit voltage.

Battery models simulated or played back by the 2281S can be obtained in a number of ways. One is to use the instrument’s battery test function to perform a full test on a battery intended for a particular design. After the test, a battery model can be generated based on the measurement results of the battery charging process. Battery models can be edited, created, imported, or exported in a convenient CSV file format. Alternatively, a battery model can be created according to a battery’s chemistry and the manufacturer’s specifications.

The 2281S incorporates a bright, 4.3-inch TFT display that shows voltage, current, amp-hour readings, source settings, and many additional settings in large, easy-to read characters. Functioning as a power supply, it delivers a maximum output of 20V and 6A. Measurement accuracies are 0.02% for voltage and 0.05% for current and resolution of current measurements is as low as 10 nA
Price for the Keithley 2281S starts at $2,990. For more info and specs, visit

Tektronix Inc.
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