Silicon Valley Event Identifies Opportunities Surrounding Connected Health Technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Innovations in digital health drive new technology expectations for healthcare payers and providers as well as deliver new tools to consumers. Frost & Sullivan, the growth partnership company, announced the Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL): Silicon Valley event will feature a Visionary Innovation Think Tank on the Connected Healthcare industry to examine the demands and transformation of the market.

During the Connected Healthcare: Changing the Business of Healthcare Think Tank, experts will discuss the process and business model transitions to best leverage connected health solutions with all parties including payers, providers and individuals. Frost & Sullivan thought leaders will review the keys to success.

Participants will learn about challenges such as establishing value for multiple stakeholders and other issues affecting sustainability in connected health solutions. Furthermore, participants will examine the following topics:
•The importance of analytics based care models to optimize decision making
•How telehealth will be used to change primary care delivery
•Overcoming the legacy of proprietary EHR solutions in a post EHR era

To set the stage for the Think Tank, the dedicated Connected Healthcare session will distinguish the reality within the healthcare industry and its surrounding hype, identifying connected health technology opportunities revolutionizing the future of healthcare, and creating a picture of the market in 2020.

"Frost & Sullivan has a strong and diverse set of connected health leaders participating at GIL 2015: Silicon Valley. Event participants will draw from the presenters and gain a deeper understanding of what they did correctly as well as what mistakes they made along their path to success," noted Frost & Sullivan Senior Vice President of Transformational Health, Greg Caressi. "One of the panels will examine the transition from technology as the product and expectations in a 'must-have' solution."

This informative Think Tank will include two panels with top leaders in the industry examining the innovations within this evolving industry with a focus on:
•The most valuable connected health tools payers and providers need to reduce costs and improve quality of care
•The connected health solutions that will help bridge the gaps in consumer experience
•The transitions necessary for data integration, display and analytics to best achieve healthcare goals

Frost & Sullivan's GIL: Silicon Valley also includes Think Tanks that focus on other industry landscapes such as a panel discussion about the emerging connected car ecosystem and the sustainable business models that provide rich and cost effective personal mobility experience for users. Furthermore, Frost & Sullivan will partake in an interactive town meeting discussing the Internet of Things: The 4th Industrial Revolution.

GIL 2015: Silicon Valley is an opportunity to gain new insight and perspective on business and technology issues that matter most, now and in the future. It is where participants will collaborate real-time with other innovative and visionary thinkers, and push beyond their personal and organizational boundaries to create the future. Join us, and be a part of what makes GIL a powerhouse of ideas and meaningful connections: Its participants!

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