Silego Announces GFET3 Integrated Power Switches in Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Silego Technology announces an extension of its performance-driven GFET3 Integrated Power Switch (IPS) portfolio. Addressing extremely PCB-space-constrained, high-performance applications in tablet PC, smartphones and fitness band markets, these three new WLCSP products cover high-side power control applications from 1 A to 4 A.

For smartphone and fitness band applications, the 0.64 mm2 (0.8 mm x 0.8 mm) SLG59M1730C (33 mΩ/1 A) and the SLG59M1736C (33 mΩ/2.2 A) are low-leakage, self-powered pFET IPSs that can operate from 2.5 V to 5.5 V supply voltages and draw very little supply current. Both products offer low-threshold ON/OFF control, fast output voltage discharge, and a novel, controlled input current profile on startup. Since small form-factor Li-ion batteries exhibit very low amp-hour capacities, the SLG59M1730C/SLG59M1736C's controlled 16.5 mA inrush current profile on startup prevents Li-ion battery voltage sag when Bluetooth radios or other high current-demand operations are enabled. When compared to other 4-ball WLCSPs in the market with fast, fixed output voltage rise times, the magnitude of the inrush current - directly proportional to the load capacitor value - can be quite large. If the resultant inrush current is large enough to cause the Li-ion battery voltage to sag, an inadvertent system reset can result. Thus, the SLG59M1730C/SLG59M1736C's controlled inrush current attribute prevents unintended system resets from occurring.

For higher-power tablet pc applications, the SLG59M1735C is a 10.5 mΩ/4 A nFET IPS with a full suite of protection features. Powered from 2.5 V to 5.5 V supplies, the input voltage range extends down to 0.9 V to accommodate 1.0 V high-current rails found in FPGA, ASIC, and processor power sequencing applications. The SLG59M1735C feature set includes: ON/OFF control, soft-start control, undervoltage detection, and two-level current-limit protection. When compared to other packaged products in Silego's GFET3 portfolio with similar features, the 1.5 mm2 SLG59M1735C is a 50% smaller footprint. When compared to other 4 A WLCSP/DFN products in the market with similar protection features, the SLG59M1735C is a 14% to 32% smaller footprint.


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