Silecs Introduces Advanced Optical Coatings for CMOS Image Sensors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Silecs Inc. introduced the SC series of products for use as advanced optical coatings in state-of-the-art CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) production. Digital image sensors manufactured with low-cost CMOS semiconductor processes have recently become a key component of many fast-growing consumer applications. With their first broad adoption in the mobile phone camera market, already exceeding 0.5 billion camera phones annually, CMOS image sensors are rapidly finding their way into many other mass market products in PC camera, automobile, security, and medical applications.

Using its unique molecular engineering approach, Silecs has designed the new SC product series specifically to improve the reliability and optical efficiency of CMOS image sensors, enabling enhanced image quality for end users. The optically tuned films maximize efficient light transmission from the microlens surface to the optical sensor level, while low-temperature processing and direct photo-patterning enable simplified, low-cost manufacturing. This is all achieved while maintaining exceptional thermo-mechanical strength and chemical resistance to meet production process requirements.

"We have worked closely with our leading semiconductor customers to meet their specific needs with these materials," said Dr. Juha Rantala, chief technology officer of Silecs Inc. "Our fundamental technology portfolio in optical and electronic materials enables us to provide a unique combination of properties that meets the requirements of CMOS image sensor manufacturers very well."

The SC 100 and SC 200 products are used primarily to coat and protect microlens arrays on the CIS chip surface. SC 300 is designed for planarization and passivation between the color filter and microlens arrays and provides UV blocking for further device protection. SC 400 is designed to planarize high-aspect-ratio deep-trench applications up to a 5 micron depth, while maintaining high-crack resistance and thermal stability up to 450°C. In addition to outstanding optical properties, all the SC products also offer excellent electrical performance and are compatible with etchback and CMP processes.

About Silecs, Inc.
Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Silecs Inc. provides enabling materials for the microelectronics industry. Silecs' products are used primarily in semiconductor and flat-panel-display manufacturing, giving customers improved performance, density, and yield for their devices and reduced overall production costs. Silecs is committed to supplying high-purity materials that consistently meet its customers' stringent requirements. Silecs Inc. is a privately held company backed by leading institutional investors. Additional information on Silecs can be found on the company's Web site.

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