Sika Automotive Presents Innovative Bonding Solutions for Multi-Material Construction

Sika Automotive announces its participation at the Joining In Car Body Engineering 2016 event, in Bad Nauheim, Germany, April 19-21. Representing Sika’s involvement with the ongoing series of Automotive Circle Conferences, Dr. Michael Gutgsell, Department Manager for Body Shop Adhesives & Sealants is presenting on the topic of “Innovative Bonding Solutions for Multi-material Joining”.

Material concepts in modern car body lightweight design require novel approaches not just to materials used, but also to how they are joined. Dr. Gutgsell will present innovations in adhesive technologies for use in traditional and non-traditional body shops in automotive plants. Adhesives are key enablers, making vehicle lightweighting possible for different vehicle constructions - joining substrates to varying technical requirements while also directly contributing to sustainability initiatives.

The 2016 Joining In Car Body Engineering brings together technical experts and key stakeholders of the automotive industry, including OEMs like Audi, BMW, Daimler AG, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Opel and Volkswagen. Sika will additionally present all automotive technologies in booth no. 1, during the three-day event in Bad Nauheim.

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