Signal Conditioning Boards from WinSystems

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WinSystems Inc.

The ISM-TRM-RELAY and ISM-TRM-COMBO from WinSystems Inc., Arlington, TX, are isolated digital signal conditioning and termination boards for OEM embedded computer system designers. The ISM-TRM-RELAY provides 16 independent SPDT Form C relays with 2 signal lines (NO, NC and a common) for each relay, and contacts can handle 6 A at 250 VAC/24 VDC. The ISM-TRM-COMBO provides 8 optically isolated inputs, 8 optically isolated outputs, and 8 Form C relays, with 3 different signal conditioning circuits. The inputs can support either an active high or active low signal from 5–30 V and each is wired to a contact bounce eliminator.

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Company: WinSystems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
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