Signal Conditioning Board from Fredericks

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The Fredericks Co.

The Fredericks Co., Huntingdon Valley, PA, offers the RS-485 Mini-Signal conditioning board for use with the company's electrolytic tilt sensors. The microprocessor-based PCB can drive one or two tilt sensors and can be integrated into larger control systems or used to evaluate the tilt sensors. The stand-alone board with RS-485 communications is part number 1-6200-008. The board with a built-in wide-range, dual-axis TrueTILT sensor for ±60° measurement (part number 0729-1754-99) can be operated with up to two external sensors to meet specific resolution, axis, and measurement range requirements. Each version has a built-in temperature sensor, 3–5 VDC operation, a power supply current of 9 mA at 5 VDC or 3 mA at 3.3 VDC, and 16-bit ASCII output via RS-485.

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Company: The Fredericks Co.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 215-947-2500
Fax: 215-947-7464

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