Signal Conditioner/Amplifier Cleans Up Strain Gage Outputs

The Model UDA debuts as a universal signal conditioner and amplifier designed for use with all full bridge, strain gage-based transducers. Its amplified output is user-selectable for ±5 Vdc, ±10 Vdc, or 4 to 20 mA. The unit features selectable excitation of 2.5 or 5 Vdc bridge voltage and requires a supply voltage between 11 and 28 Vdc to adapt to industrial, process, or mobile environments. Other features include coarse and fine zero and span adjustments and a symmetry adjustment for applications requiring precision for both tension and compression load cells. The configurable low pass filter actively removes unwanted high frequency signal components and eliminates aliasing errors. Model UDA is perfect for load, force, torque, or pressure sensor applications requiring stable, repeatable and noise-free analog signals for control or data acquisition. The unit is housed in a rugged, DIN-mountable enclosure with a clear panel protecting the front-accessible controls. Screw terminals provide connection for power, analog output, shunt calibration, and sensor signals. Available now, pricing starts at $485. For more info, visit

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