SIGNA Pioneer's MAGiC MRI acquires images in one-third the time

CHICAGO, IL -- GE Healthcare unveils SIGNA Pioneer, a new, 510(k) pending, 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system that embodies the exploration and expansion of modern medical imaging. Leveraging novel productivity enhancements like Magnetic Resonance Image Compilation^ (MAGiC) one-and-done imaging and GE's exclusive patient-friendly SilentScan technology, SIGNA Pioneer truly blazes a trail to the future of MRI.

For the first time ever with MAGiC, clinicians will have the ability to generate multiple image contrasts in a single MRI scan including T1, T2, STIR, T1 FLAIR, T2 FLAIR and PD weighted images of the brain in a single acquisition. Another innovation is that the contrast of images can be changed even after completing the scan by simply moving the cursor on the MAGiC interface to change acquisition parameters such as TR, TE and TI. MAGiC enables one scan that can do the work of many and can be processed in many ways – an industry first.

MAGiC, the result of a collaboration with SyntheticMR AB, is one-and-done imaging that could provide significant productivity benefits. With MAGiC, a single scan that delivers six contrasts can be completed in as little as one-third the total time taken to acquire each contrast separately using conventional techniques. This time saved could potentially allow clinicians to scan one more patient per hour, every hour of every day1.

An enhanced SilentScan package is also available on SIGNA Pioneer, enabling SilentScan for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging and spine imaging, in addition to a complete neuro exam that also includes Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI). SilentScan is a differentiator for patients enabling a more comfortable and stress-free exam. Conventional MRI scanners can generate noise in excess of 110 decibels (dBA) levels, roughly equivalent to a rock concert. SilentScan dramatically reduces the scan to just three dBA above ambient noise for most head exams, a major differentiator for patient comfort.

The SIGNA Pioneer also features technology called Total Digital Imaging (TDI) enabling improved image quality and increasing signal to noise ratio (SNR) by up to 25 percent. TDI is composed of Direct Digital Interface (DDI), Digital Surround Technology (DST) and Digital Micro Switching (DMS).

•DDI employs an independent analog-to-digital converter to digitize inputs from each of the 97 RF channels. Every input is captured and every signal is digitized.
•DST combines the digital signal from every surface coil element with the signal from the integrated RF body coil resulting in richer, higher SNR spine and body images with superior homogeneity and uniformity.
•DMS is a significant advancement in RF coil design with intelligent Micro Electro-Mechanical Switches (MEMS) that support ultra-fast coil switching, which enables future expansion of Zero TE imaging capabilities. Zero TE enables imaging of tissues that are conventionally difficult to see with MRI, such as cortical bone, ligaments and tendons.

"At GE Healthcare, we design products to address clinicians' needs," said Eric Stahre, president and CEO of GE Healthcare MRI. "Improved patient experience and productivity are essential now in healthcare. With SIGNA Pioneer, we set out to design a system with innovative solutions to help our customers and their patients. We are proud to introduce MAGiC that allows generation of six different contrasts in a single scan – that's a major step forward in productivity. And SilentScan is setting the trend in the industry for a new level of patient experience; this enhanced SilentScan package will extend the comfort patients experience now beyond just neuro scans. "

SIGNA Pioneer and MAGiC are 510(k) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. They are not yet CE marked and cannot be placed on the market or put into service until they have been made to comply with the Medical Device Directive requirements for CE marking. Not available for sale in all regions.

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