Siemens' Inline Inspection System Combines 2D/3D Technologies

ARCwire -- Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is adding the new Siplace OS inline inspection system to its portfolio of Siplace surface-mount technology solutions. The Siplace OS is one of the world's first inspection systems to combine 2D and 3D inspection technologies. The benefit: significantly reduced setup times. Based on the 3D measurements and the package shape library that does not depend on specific component variants, new products can be introduced much more quickly than before. The Siplace OS can be positioned anywhere on the line (post-paste, pre- and post-reflow as well as in mixed mode) and ensures error-free, fully documented quality.

The new Siplace OS is a fully automated high-speed machine for optical inspection. Using the 3D triangulation method, it checks anything that can inspect optically inline and without slowing down the production line: the solder paste application, including area, volume, shape, and position; the correct positioning of components, including their polarity; and the finished product after it exits the re-flow oven. Depending on the user's individual needs, the Siplace OS inspection system can be adapted to any process requirements because it can be employed anywhere on the line.

The 3D triangulation operates particularly fast and carries out 2D and 3D height measurements simultaneously. The 3D measurements are performed across the entire board surface, which sets the Siplace OS apart from other systems that perform a slow, cumbersome extra step that requires a laser. The triangulation method produces a precise topography of the test subject. Thanks to its permanent 3D recognition, the system is unaffected by different component colors or board colors. For each package shape, only a single description is needed, which makes time-consuming re-teaching after product changeovers unnecessary and reduces the time required for new product introductions to a minimum.