Shielded Power Inductors Offer High Inductance, High Isat

Shielded Power Inductors Offer High Inductance, High Isat

The XAL15xx family of magnetically-shielded power inductors are available in two versions: one providing saturation current ratings up to 111A and the other with inductance values as high as 33 µH. The XAL1510 Series offers a combination of inductance values up to 33 µH and current ratings to 39.0A in a package measuring 15.4 mm x 16.4 mm x 11 mm. For higher current applications, the XAL1580 Series offers Isat ratings up to 111A in a 15.2 mm x 16.2 mm x 8.2 mm footprint. Both series offer low DCR figures down to 0.70 mΩ.

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