Sherborne Sensors Announces Servo Inclinometer for Rail Industry

Sherborne Sensors
Sherborne Sensors

Sherborne Sensors, Wyckoff, NJ, announces the release of a flexure suspension, high accuracy servo inclinometer customized for the rail industry necessitating the need for accurate performance in extremely harsh and aggressive environments including wide temperature ranges, vibration, mechanical shock and electrical noise.

The LSOC -0147 series precision inclinometer has a wide range of applications in the rail industry ranging from the automation of train control systems, to rail track leveling and rail track bed analysis. It can also be used to aid track alignment in rail track repairs making rail track condition compliance and monitoring straightforward.  The sensor has a virtually infinite resolution and will withstand mechanical shock in excess of 1500g.

Contact Info

Company: Sherborne Sensors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-486-1766

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