SGS Warns Manufacturers on Monetary Fines for Lack of Compliance with FCC Requirements

As part of its market surveillance activities, the FCC has uncovered last year a company that marketed digital cameras and wireless devices on the US market without having been authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This compliance breach resulted in an $80,000 fine, as well as additional market access requirements for the company. An investigation carried out in 2013 by the Commission’s Spectrum Enforcement Division revealed that the company had not properly tested some of the wireless devices that it was selling on the US market.

Main Purpose of FCC Regulations

The purpose of these FCC regulations is to ensure that wireless devices don’t interfere with authorized radio communications. They also help safeguard end consumers by requiring manufacturers to provide appropriate labeling for these products, as well as product information manuals containing details about the correct, compliant, and safe operation of such devices. Aside from damaging a manufacturer’s or importer’s reputation, the lack of compliance with FCC requirements can lead to significant monetary fines, market withdrawal and a request to readdress the entire product qualification process.

Monetary Fine for Non-Compliance with FCC Requirements

As per a Consent Decree, the manufacturer will make a voluntary contribution of $80,000 to the US Treasury. Another condition of the agreement was the implementation of a three-year plan comprising of a compliance manual, as well as employee training, with the end goal of ensuring future compliance with FCC equipment regulations.

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