Serro Unveils AuSM Open Source SDN

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- Serro Solutions launches AuSM, a powerful open source Software-Defined Networking (SDN) framework. AuSM (pronounced "awesome") connects (via API) various network and monitoring tools, integrating into one platform to allow unified business policies to be written and managed across the WAN, data center network and storage systems.

The AuSM framework is beneficial for the IT and developer community because it integrates critical network components into one interface. This effectively removes staff and time from the equation when it comes to rolling out an SDN deployment and better aligns IT goals with business goals.

The core benefits of the open-source AuSM solution include:
•Boosts networking performance with better uptime, lower costs, flexibility and an improved user experience
•Offers API connectivity through various open-source, open stack, and hardware so various components are talking one language
•Enables rapid writing of business policies that span across all dimensions of the network infrastructure, allowing for comprehensive rules in the context of the specific business, and can pair with Business Intelligence and analytics
•Delivers real-time information on network events and offers suggested options so intelligent decisions can be made swiftly
•Execution and changes on network, storage, and systems can be automated and streamlined

For more information:
Email: [email protected]
Call: 1-800-430-7321

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