Sentilla’s Pervasive Computing Platform Now Available

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- Sentilla, a leading supplier of pervasive computing solutions, announced general availability of its award-winning, Java-powered Pervasive Computing Platform. Sentilla's standards-based software environment allows Java developers and systems integrators to rapidly develop transformative applications that can be deployed immediately. Such applications help organizations in numerous ways, including leveraging green initiatives to operate more efficiently while reducing the depletion of natural resources, and improving the overall quality of peoples' lives.

"From day one, our vision has been to deliver a computing environment that revolutionizes the way people work, live and play. I'm excited to announce that Sentilla is shipping the only Java-compliant software platform that runs on billions of microcontrollers," said Joe Polastre, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sentilla. "In just the past months I've heard hundreds of innovative ideas—ranging from detecting the condition of airplanes for timely scheduling of maintenance, to sending a text message when a plant needs watering—that can now be built using Sentilla technology. The realization of ideas are coming to life with people building real applications that were previously unavailable."

The promise of connecting millions of people through objects in the environment now becomes real and useful, enabling applications that improve business processes, the environment, and personal lifestyles. For example, the production of manufactured goods can now leverage pervasive computing so that less energy is used, and plant floor efficiencies can be put into place to promote a cleaner and more cost-efficient operation.

Sentilla's Pervasive Computing Platform
Sentilla's software provides all of the comforts that Java programmers have come to expect, such as hardware abstraction, write-once, run-anywhere portability, and the ability to deploy pervasive computing applications across the network. Developers may also extend their applications through server software that allows for greater ease in management and integration at scale. To speed time-to-market, the platform also includes a hardware component that is specifically designed to run Sentilla's software. Backed by expert application engineering services, Sentilla's Pervasive Computing Platform brings together all of the components needed to deliver a complete pervasive computing solution.

U.S. Availability
Sentilla's Pervasive Computing Platform is available under a variety of flexible options. Customers and integrators may license the software directly from Sentilla as part of their own solution, or may purchase computer modules that combine software and hardware in a compact, scalable device suitable for an OEM. For those wishing to get started right away, Sentilla's platform is also available as a development kit, which includes the Java-powered software pre-installed on eight low-power wireless computers, an Eclipse-based IDE, server software for management and integration, and a gateway device to connect the pervasive network to a PC. The Sentilla Development Kit is available immediately for a price of $5000 US through [email protected].

About Sentilla
Founded in 2003, Sentilla Corp. provides a full life cycle software platform for developing, deploying, integrating and managing pervasive computing applications with the ease of Java technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sentilla's award-winning software accelerates time to market and reduces the cost of pervasive computing applications across a broad set of industries such as logistics, transportation, security and safety, manufacturing, health care, agriculture, and green technology. Sentilla's mission is to enable the billions of very small computers deployed throughout the physical world to work together to solve really big business problems. Sentilla Corp. is backed by ONSET Ventures and Claremont Creek Ventures.