Sentilla Introduces Software for Pervasive Computing

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- Sentilla Corporation announced a new approach to pervasive computing—the use of small wireless computers with programmable intelligence deployed en masse to interact with the physical world. Sentilla's new software dramatically speeds time to market and reduces cost of pervasive computing solutions. The Sentilla Software Suite allows industry applications to be built using Java technology rather than the complex and difficult embedded programming currently in use. Sentilla is the first to introduce a complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing pervasive computing applications. The extension of Java technology to the physical world provides businesses a familiar and accepted standard by which to deploy pervasive computing applications more quickly and easily.

"Harnessing the billions of small computers and microprocessors deployed pervasively across countless industry applications is the next generation of computing. A common, standards-based software development and deployment platform is the key to achieving market success," said James Gosling, vice president and fellow at Sun Microsystems. "Sentilla's software extends Java technology to these billions of computers, allowing the millions of Java software developers a way to create new, innovative industry applications. Millions of developers writing applications for billions of computers connecting to the network—that's incredibly cool."

Applications of pervasive computing are quickly emerging across a wide variety of industry verticals. In logistics, applications locate small computers on freight containers that can communicate with each other about their contents and destinations automatically speeding goods to market. Pervasive computers used at International borders improve security through early detection and threat classification. And these are but two examples of industries with market needs; transportation, health care, defense, manufacturing, agriculture, and entertainment are also developing applications that take advantage of pervasive computing.

"Sentilla will play an important role in capturing and communicating physical content into middleware like IBM WebSphere," said Rod Smith, vice president of Emerging Internet Technologies at IBM. "This data can then be easily aggregated, consumed and shared quickly across a business' operations."

"The low-power, low-cost microprocessors necessary for wide scale pervasive computing are available now and have already been deployed across numerous industries. However, accelerating time to market of the software applications is the number one challenge that customers face," said Mark Buccini, director of strategic marketing at Texas Instruments. "Sentilla's new approach addresses this challenge head on. Reducing the cycle time of software development using Java technology on our microprocessors directly translates to lower cost and faster application deployments."

The Sentilla Software Suite announced today consists of Sentilla Work software, an integrated development environment for programming Java software-based pervasive applications, and Sentilla Point software, which allows for easy deployment of the run-time application on pervasive computers. Sentilla Work installs on desktop-class machines and supports Java technology from Sun Microsystems. Sentilla Point currently runs on Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN) MSP430 microprocessors, which are miniature computers (about the size of a dime) and engineered for very low power consumption, allowing them to be deployed at massive scale throughout industry applications. Additionally, Sentilla software will provide APIs that allow the applications to easily integrate with IBM's (NYSE: IBM) middleware, SOA and web services products and management architectures.

"Pervasive computing is about connecting people to the world around us," says Joe Polastre, co-founder and CTO of Sentilla. "With a Java technology-based solution that extends computing beyond servers, laptops, and cell phones, the real world can deliver real value to millions of people."

Company Name Change
As part of this launch of Sentilla software, the company has officially changed its name from Moteiv Corporation to Sentilla Corporation.

About Sentilla Corporation
Founded in 2003, Sentilla Corporation provides a full life cycle software platform for developing, deploying, integrating and managing pervasive computing applications with the ease of Java technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sentilla's software accelerates time to market and reduces the cost of pervasive computing applications across a broad set of industries such as logistics, transportation, security and safety, manufacturing, health care, agriculture, and green technology. Sentilla's mission is to enable the billions of very small computers deployed throughout the physical world to work together to solve really big business problems. Sentilla Corporation is backed by ONSET Ventures and Claremont Creek Ventures. For more information please visit the Sentilla Web site.

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