Sentilla Introduces Online Development Community

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- Sentilla, a leading supplier of pervasive computing solutions, has brought online a new community Web site known as Sentilla Labs. Sentilla Labs showcases projects developed and deployed by users of Sentilla's software technology. Projects include code and illustrations to show developers how easy it is to quickly transform good ideas into an array of useful applications that can be deployed immediately.

"While other companies talk about theoretical solutions, Sentilla Labs shows how Sentilla's software is being used today. It is a network of developers that are actively collaborating on real applications with real-world impact," said Joe Polastre, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sentilla. "Sentilla Labs is so powerful because it brings together the community of developers to collaborate on pervasive applications that directly impact our world."

"This is a powerful site for the Java community, enabling us to share ideas and build applications that we didn't know were possible with pervasive software," said Qusay Mahmoud, a Java Champion in Toronto, Ontario. "Sentilla Labs lets you test out ideas, build a project, and then post it for discussion with other developers."

Sentilla Labs offers developers a step-by-step guided tour through the project development process, allowing visitors to download code and illustrations and rapidly bring projects to life. Some projects at Sentilla Labs can be created with fewer than 100 lines of code. In addition, developers can upload and display their own projects with confidence because they retain all rights to their code. Projects at Sentilla Labs range from fun stuff such as games to refrigerator monitors to wireless pedometer systems. The example projects listed below are simple demonstrations of the more powerful enterprise-class applications that can be developed using Sentilla's extensible server software on a commercial scale:

  • Refrigeration Monitor—The application sounds an alert when a refrigerator door is ajar, or when the temperature inside drops below a pre-determined threshold. This application is well suited for the industrial refrigeration market where some four million tons of refrigerated equipment are currently installed in the U.S. Improvements in how this equipment works can reduce the amount of energy to power them, and translate to greater environmental benefits and lower operating costs.


  • Environmental Sensors—This application senses changes in lighting, temperature, and humidity within a room. By learning more about these conditions, business managers can increase the efficiency of their corporate facilities, while reducing the impact on the environment.


  • Motion Detector—This application, commonly known as a room occupancy detector, tells when people or things are in a room. The application is well suited as a home security system as well as energy saver by turning on lights only when people are in a room.

About Sentilla
Sentilla provides a software solution that is at the core of numerous commercial applications that are transforming the way organizations are managing energy, logistics and infrastructure. For example, by embedding intelligence in the world around us, Sentilla's award-winning pervasive computing solution analyzes energy efficiency in real-world conditions directly where energy is consumed. With this insight, industries are minimizing their global energy footprint, optimizing their production processes, and taking action before problems become disasters. Founded in 2003, Sentilla Corporation is based in Silicon Valley and privately funded by ONSET Ventures and Claremont Creek Ventures.

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