Sensus Acquires Telemetric

RALEIGH, NC /PRNewswire/ -- Sensus announces that it has acquired the assets and business of Telemetric Corp. With over 10 years of experience in distribution automation technology, Telemetric has an established track record of providing utilities with intelligent, innovative, reliable, and secure end-to-end solutions for distribution automation systems, using commercial cellular networks and PowerVista, a powerful Web-based software application.

Coupled with Sensus' activities in demand response and home automation, this acquisition gives Sensus a significant and established presence in the distribution automation portion of the utility landscape. Through the integration of Sensus' industry-leading FlexNet smart grid communication technology, Telemetric extends Sensus' reach and solutions to all parts of the smart grid.

"I am very pleased to complete the acquisition of Telemetric, which was a significant strategic objective for Sensus. This acquisition brings with it a team of talented and dedicated employees, a broad proven product and software offering, and many strong customer and business relationships. I am very excited about this opportunity," said Peter Mainz, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sensus. "Integration of Telemetric's assets and engineering capability into Sensus brings a key solution set that electric utilities want from their smart grid applications, distribution automation, and asset management solutions," added Mainz.

Telemetric offers a complete line of intelligent communication solutions specific to electric distribution system monitoring and control, including applications such as capacitor control, voltage regulation, medium- and low-voltage sensors, reclosers, remote substations, and other distribution assets. Telemetric enabled equipment can be monitored and controlled through distribution SCADA or DMS systems using PowerVista's optional SCADA-Xchange module.

"Telemetric is very happy to be joining Sensus. We believe that this combination will offer customers an unprecedented range of distribution automation and asset management solutions. By offering Telemetric's products with the power and flexibility of Sensus' FlexNet communications or digital cellular networks, Sensus will provide utilities powerful, proven smart grid solutions. The additional resource and worldwide reach of Sensus will help us accelerate growth," said Tom Loutzenheiser, Chief Executive Officer of Telemetric.

Telemetric will become part of Sensus' Conservation Solutions business unit, which provides AMI and smart grid solutions to electric, water, and gas utilities.

About Sensus
Sensus is a time-tested technology and communications company providing data collection and metering solutions for water, gas, and electric utilities around the world. Sensus is a transforming force for the utilities of tomorrow through its ability to help customers optimize resources, as well as to meet conservation and customer service objectives. Sensus customers rely on the company for expert, reliable service to meet challenges and exceed goals.

About Telemetric
Telemetric Corp. provides proven communication solutions for smart grid applications, using commercial cellular networks. Installed at more than 200 utilities nationwide and available today, Telemetric's end-to-end solutions allow customers to cost-effectively monitor and control equipment on their electric distribution systems. It enables utilities to make the most of their distribution assets, improving system efficiency, asset management, and response to power interruptions and equipment problems, as well as automating reporting functions resulting in lower operating costs and more reliable power. For more information, please call 208-658-1292 or email [email protected].

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