SensoTRACK, a Breakthrough Wearable Sports, Fitness and Vitals Monitoring Device, Now Offers Stereo Music Functionality

PLANO, TX and BERN, Switzerland -- Sensogram Technologies announces the addition of music functionality to its SensoTRACK sports, fitness and vitals monitoring device. SensoTRACK now offers users everything they demand: fitness and activity tracking, precise vitals monitoring, secure data capture, detailed data analysis, location-based information and music. The fully wireless system incorporates music without affecting the vitals monitoring alert system and the virtual trainer functionality. Plus, SensoTRACK ( features variable music settings, including full stereo and mono channel sound.

The SensoTRACK update also adds temperature-sensing functionality to its already extensive list of parametrics. The device is weatherproof and comes in six colors: blue, yellow, green, red, black and orange. Current plans call for limited device availability by February 2015 and full-scale production in the second quarter of 2015. The suggested list price will be $245 per device; however, SensoTRACK is available for pre-order now through December 12 on Kickstarter ( for just $199.

"We have been developing SensoTRACK's embedded stereo music capability for some time," said Dr. Vahram Mouradian, founder and chief technical officer, Sensogram Technologies. "Our Kickstarter backers, in particular, were vocal in suggesting that we add music now, so we did. SensoTRACK provides ample storage space for a user's digital music file library, thus allowing the music to play directly from the device. Beyond supporting the device's standalone capability, the design contributes to battery life."

Dr. Mouradian continues, "Our goal is to offer the marketplace a unique, accurate and reliable device. No other product currently available can deliver the measurement precision SensoTRACK does – and do so across such a full range of fitness and wellness indicators."

SensoTRACK fits snugly on the wearer's left ear. A detachable right earpiece delivers the stereo component. Users can enjoy music as they exercise, while the device wirelessly senses, monitors and tracks their performance. Beyond real-time heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and temperature, SensoTRACK monitors parameters such as calories burnt, step count and geophysical location. Users also can input their own values to track. After data upload via a secure connection, SensoTRACK presents data in a user-friendly dashboard display on a device of their choosing.

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