Sensorstream Aims To Put a Computer on Every Wrist

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Sensorstream is pleased to announce the successful allowance of its smart watch case design featuring a circular display from the USPTO and its subsequent release for purchase. Commercially dubbed "Pi," this buttonless smart watch case combines an eponymous circular design with interior threading to support an upgradable modular electronics package.

"This a major coup for our company," commented Sensorstream's founder Tom Rapko. "Securing the design patent for a smart watch featuring a circular display from the USPTO gives us the opportunity to empower the world in a meaningful way. Our goal is nothing short of putting a computer on every wrist."

How can a small piece of metal really empower the world? According to Sensorstream, smart watches will drive disruptive innovations in social networking, entertainment, and commerce. Furthermore, the company believes that these advances will also lead to solutions in both software and hardware, spur mobile payment technology, and even alter the way electricity is distributed via wireless charging. At the heart of this tech push, Sensorstream argues, is the smart watch case itself.

In stark contrast to traditional watch cases, Sensorstream eliminated all external buttons to markedly increase protection from the elements. They threaded the case's interior to help ensure future upgradability with modular electronics and also designed the ergonomic contours of the smart watch to hug the wearer's wrist for enhanced stability.

Sensorstream maintains that the impetus for this robust design was born out of necessity; the challenge was to simultaneously address the complexity of a global market with widely disparate incomes, yet similar consumer needs. The company answered this challenge by developing an aspirational consumer product that would appeal across a wide demographic spectrum. The result is a sleek, tough smart watch case ready to connect the world.

"Smart watches have the potential to rival the adoption rate of any other consumer electronics product ever released," Tom commented. "Form will help shape consumer adoption of smart watches. Aesthetically, we feel a circular display is superior to the dreary square. Frankly, the end game is fusing the look and feel of a Swiss luxury watch with the core functionality of a smart phone."

Physical prototypes of the Pi smart watch case fabricated by Sensorstream's rapid-prototyping partner 3D Systems are available via the company's website priced at $49.95 each in anodized black aluminum. Custom-cut circular Gorilla Glass and heavy-duty watch bands are also available on the website for $19.95 and $14.95 respectively.

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