Sensors Provide Reliable Limit Detection For Bulk Goods

Sensors Provide Reliable Limit Detection For Bulk Goods
Baumer Ltd.

Overcoming the technical challenges facing commonly-used sensor systems when measuring limits in storage silos and process tanks, the CleverLevel series is based on frequency sweep technology. Its electrode emits a high-frequency signal from the tip of the sensor into the tank. The medium works like a virtual capacitor that creates a resonant circuit with a spool in the sensor head. The size of the capacitor depends on the dielectric constant (DK-value) of the medium which alters the resonance frequency. Between air and the medium there is a significant difference in the DK value. The frequency shift of the resonance circuit associated with this is processed by the integrated microcontroller. The sensor can detect almost all media with a DK value greater than 1.5. It can not only accurately detect solids with different granularities but also viscous media and liquids. Using the size of the DK value, the limit switch can also detect separate media layers, for example oil on water. Additionally, CleverLevel sensors are ATEX, EHEDG and 3-A certified. For more information, visit

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