Sensors Midwest 2018: Biotech Sensors Streamline Drug Development

If you watch television, even just a little bit, you can’t help noticing the myriad ads for drugs that claim to treat (not cure) ailments ranging from mosquito bites to depression and congestive heart failure. There are so many drugs being advertised, more than the legal ads that offer help in suing some of the manufacturers of those drugs, that one might think it’s a simple affair for a company to push its pills onto the market. Of course, we tech savvy folk know that’s not the case.


The workflow of drug development is somewhat concise however.

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  1. Pinpoint the need. What condition do you want to treat (cure if you get lucky)?
  2. Research what’s already being used and its effectiveness and determine if there is a need/market for an improved or unique drug.
  3. Decide to improve an existing drug or create a new one
  4. Research and experiment to discover the improvement or unique drug
  5. Appropriate and ethical testing of your improved or unique drug. If trials are successful, go to the next step. If not, well….the drawing board still has your name on it.
  6. Get appropriate agency approvals for your elixir. The big one is the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
  7. If all goes well and you have your approvals, you can start advertising your drug, sell it, and hope to put some profits aside for a legal team for when your drug starts showing up in those legal ads.


Although clear, the workflow in drug development can get quite discombobulated with deadlines, various expected and unexpected setbacks, delays, accidents, and a plethora of other distractions and impedances. It would not be surprising to find that the bulk of over-the-counter headache medications are sold to medical researchers.