Sensors Magazine Unveils 2018 “Best of Sensors Expo” Award Winners and Honors Engineering Excellence

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Sensors Magazine Unveils 2018 “Best of Sensors Expo” Award Winners and Honors Engineering Excellence

 Innovations spanning technology, automotive, and healthcare take home distinctions

Newton, MA – June 28, 2018Sensors Expo & Conference (#Sensors18), the industry’s largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and systems, in conjunction with Sensors Magazine, today announced the winners of the 2018 Best of Sensors Expo Awards. Created to spotlight the advances in both innovations and real-world applications of sensors, the prestigious awards were presented during Sensors Expo & Conference 2018 this week in San Jose by Executive Editor of Sensors Magazine, Mat Dirjish. The event also featured the Engineering Excellence awards recognizing both individual and team accomplishments as well as the 2018 Industry Impact Award winner, Dr. Janusz Bryzek.

2018 Innovation Award Winners include:

  • Gold Level: STMicroelectronics – The company’s VL53L1X is the fastest miniature ToF sensor on the market with accurate ranging up to 4 meters and fast ranging frequency up to 50 Hz.
  • Silver Level: ams – The ams AS7265x is a cost-effective 18-channel multi-spectral sensor solution that opens the door to a wide range of new spectral sensing applications.
  • Bronze Level: Velodyne LiDAR – A culmination of 10 years of development efforts, Velodyne’s VLS-128 is the company’s latest and the most powerful LiDAR sensor, providing 3D, 360-degree vision for autonomous cars.
  • Honorable Mention: Advanced TeleSensors, Inc. – A unique RF sensor technology, Cardi/o touchless cardiac sensor measures basic vital signs without the use of a wearable or camera.

2018 Application Award Winners include:

  • Gold Level: ROHM – The next-generation optical PPG sensors utilize a new optical filter design and deliver higher bandwidth output data frequency while reducing overall power consumption.
  • Silver Level: Maxim Integrated – Maxim’s MAX-HEALTH-BAND evaluation and development platform, which is also a heart rate and activity monitor, includes motion-compensated algorithms to extract useful data for health and fitness applications based on photoplethysmography (PPG) signals.
  • Bronze Level: Kinetic Reality, Inc. – The company’s MotionPro is the world's first affordable sensor-based full body motion capture system.
  • Honorable Mention:  Axzon’s – The 3240 sensor enables a robust and cost-effective way to monitor the temperature of server cabinets in a continuous manner.

Engineering Excellence
In addition, awards were presented for Engineering Excellence. Quanergy co-founder, Tianyue Yu, was recognized with the Women in Sensors Engineering (WISE) Award. Yu was intimately involved in the design and launch of Quanergy S3 sensor, the first affordable, fully solid-state LiDAR sensor to reach the market. The sensor, which uses optical phased-array technology, contains no moving parts, which results in a much smaller, more reliable, and more cost-effective device.

The engineering team from Maxim Integrated including team leader, Joe Van, as well as Arjunsimha Chaturbhuj and Apsara Ravish-Suvarna, were honored for their efforts to create the newest nanoPower product. The group overcame many several key challenges to create the boost converter and were named the 2018 Engineering Team of the Year.

Lastly, Felix Heide was named a 2018 Rising Star Engineer by Sensors Expo based on his work in the areas of computational imaging, image processing, optimization, and deep neural network (DNN) approaches for computer vision. His endeavors yielded a new DNN architecture, called CANA, that radically improves robustness of computer vision in difficult imaging scenarios. The CANA approach is already being applied to real-world automotive use cases for ADAS and autonomous driving to address the mission critical requirement to improve vehicle safety.

Industry Impact Award Recipient
During the event, Dr.
Janusz Bryzek PhD was also named the 2018 Industry Impact Award winner. A serial sensor entrepreneur, Dr. Bryzek is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of MEMS and the “Father” of sensors. Over his prestigious 40-year career he has founded 10 companies including NovaSensor, which is now General Electric, and Sensym, now part of Honeywell. Most recently he has been a major advocate of the Trillion Sensors Initiative which aims to turn the massive proliferation of sensors into opportunities to address some of the world’s most significant challenges including hunger, healthcare, clean energy, air and water.


“The winners of the Best of Sensors Expo Awards and those honored for their engineering ingenuity are the very best examples of innovation in our industry today,” said Mat Dirjish.  “The applications for sensor technologies continues to expand and we are proud to bring these innovators together to highlight their work and fuel the ideas and collaborations that will yield the next set of technology breakthroughs.”

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