Sensors Midwest 2018: IIoT Sensors Aid System Availability and Worker Safety

Deterioration of electrical insulation and systems is a primary cause of shutdowns, process downtime, and worker safety issues.  Complex switchgear and power distribution networks often prevent effective evaluation of power components and cables.  Periodic surveys can identify problems but are not predictive. To enable predictive maintenance and avoid outages or shutdowns, and to alert electrical workers of potential hazards continuous monitoring is needed.   

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 10:10 AM and Sensors Midwest, the presentation titled “IIoT Sensors Applied to Electrical System Availability and Worker Safety” will discuss how non-contact IIoT technology can be applied to electrical assets and as wearable alerts for continuous monitoring of electrical equipment and insulation deterioration and breakdown.  The analytics provided enable predictive maintenance early in the failure cycle improving availability of power systems and worker safety through awareness of electrical partial discharge issues.  The technology offering these achievements will be discussed and deployment strategies of the non-contact sensors and wireless networks will be reviewed. 


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  • Learn about new technology sensors for partial discharge, detection and analysis
  • Evaluate how conditions-based Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategies lower maintenance costs and improve worker safety
  • Evaluate wireless linear networks for sensor data collection and information transport


The session will be presented by John Lauletta , CEO of Exacter Inc. John’s career includes ten years with American Electric Power as Measurements Manager, 14 years as VP Scientific Columbus and since 2006 as CEO/CTO of Exacter, Inc. John holds engineering degrees from The Ohio State University and Purdue University, is the Past Chair of the Central Ohio Power and Energy Society Chapter of IEEE, and is a member of the IEEE Working Group on Distribution Reliability. John holds several patents in predictive failure technologies. Exacter, Inc. is a developer of predictive technologies for electric utility reliability, grid conditions-based assessment, grid preventive maintenance, and Smart Grid network performance.


That’s all well and good, but to fully appreciate Mr. Lauletta’s expertise as well as absorb a wealth of knowledge from him, you must register and attend Sensors Midwest 2018.


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