SENSORS EXPO: Medically-Accurate BP Monitoring Technology for the Many, Not the Few

Leman Micro Devices (LMD) will address the upcoming Sensors Expo & Conference, McEnery Convention Centre, San Jose, California, June 27-29, with a paper that highlights how low cost (free to the user) sensor technology integrated into smartphones is likely to cause exponential growth in this life-saving sector. LMD’s CEO Mark-Eric Jones will say that presently there is a vicious circle: few medical devices are sold because they cost too much, and that they cost too much because few are sold. 

The company’s V-Sensor health sensor and app - the only smartphone-integrated solution that measures blood pressure and other vital signs with medical accuracy – addresses this issue as it has been designed for low cost high volume markets from the outset. LMD’s proprietary ASIC, custom software and production test facility drive down the component and manufacturing costs.  

With a worldwide annual market of 1.5 billion smartphones, there are implications for the sensor industry concerning the commoditization of what are currently deemed ‘exotic’ medical devices.

LMD’s V-Sensor is currently being readied for submission to the FDA, and once it has been approved, smartphone makers are expected to begin integrating it into next gen handsets from 2018. Commented Jones: “Millions of people die needlessly every year, especially in poorer regions, simply through lack of affordable, accurate blood pressure measurement. The approach we have taken with the design of the sensor means that the user incurs no price, power consumption or size penalty. Effectively, they get a medically accurate, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor free with their next smartphone upgrade. For smartphone makers, they get the biggest new selling feature since the introduction of a high resolution camera.” 

The V-Sensor uses the established Riva-Rocci technique to measure blood pressure. However, instead of using a cuff on the arm, the user simply presses their finger against LMD’s V-Sensor built into the smartphone. Other features give medically-accurate readings of your body temperature as well as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate. All five measurements are performed anywhere at any time in under 60 seconds by following simple instructions and without any extra accessories. 

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