Sensors Expo 2018: Visible Silicon Hybrid Sensors Provide Selectable Ranges

Boston Electronics and sglux GmbH have partnered on a line of visible light sensors designed with selectable sensitivity ranges and amplified 0 to 5V outputs.  The sensors, designated as Silicon TOCONs, deliver an amplified 0 to 5Volts to allow easy integration with sensor electronics.


Ten available models cover twelve orders of magnitude (picowatts/cm2 to Watts/cm2) allowing the user to match the sensor to their first stage electronics and eliminate being forced to use non-optimum sensors and non-optimum electronic designs.  The TOCONs come in shielded, compact TO packages.  Spectral coverage spans from UV to near-IR in a single sensor (290 nm to 1,010 nm).  Applications include analytical instrumentation, chemical analysis, illumination control and laser detection.

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For more details, visit Boston Electronics online and live at Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose, June 27 & 18, 2018. Boston Electronics will be in Booth 730.

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