Sensors Expo 2018: TMR Analog Magnetic Sensors

Coto Technology’s latest RedRock RR111 Series wafer-based Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) analog sensors offer strong magnetic sensitivity in an ultra-miniature package size. The RR111 analog sensor is suited for liquid level sensing, precision linear proximity detection, linear positioners and encoders, and anti-tampering applications.


Available in both a 1.4 mm x 1.4 mm x 0.45 mm LGA-4 device package and an industry standard SOT-23-3 package, the sensor fits well into space-constrained applications such as insulin management, ingestibles, and implantable devices that all need to be hermetically sealed.  With its high sensitivity, the RR111 operates continuously, changing its output voltage based on the applied magnetic field strength. The highly linear response of the RR111 provides reliable functionality with a wide range of magnets across wide activation distances.

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The RR111-1DC2-331 and RR111-1DC2-332 TMR analog magnetic sensor are immediately available at a single-unit price under $1.00 (with high volume application pricing below $0.25). For more details, peruse the datasheet. Visit Coto Relay at Sensors Expo, Booth 415, M2

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