Sensors Expo 2018: Thales 6-Axis IMU Takes On Tough Tasks

At Sensors Expo 2018, Thales unveiled its NavChip2, the latest in a family of high precision Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs). According to its maker, the NavChip2 provides the highest performance to price ration in the market of 6-axis IMU’s and is fully factory calibrated. 


Embedded temperature sensors enable reliable compensation over a -40°C to +85°C temperature range. The component exhibits low drift with a full-scale acceleration range of ±16g and a full scale angular rate of 2,000 °/s.  Typical specifications include a gyro bias in-run stability of 5°/hr, angular random walk of 0.18 °/(√hr), velocity random walk of 0.03 (m/s)/(√hr) and an exceptionally quiet acceleration noise performance of better than 83 (µg)/(√Hz).

Its package measures less than 2.0 cm3 (12.5 mm x 24.5 mm x 5.4 mm) and weighs 3g. Power consumption is 135 mW. Output interfaces include TTL UART or SPI and single-supply operation is from 3.25V to 5.5V.


Single-unit pricing for the NavChip2 is $450 in small quantities.   Evaluation units are available from stock. For more details, checkout the NavChip2 datasheet, or the NavChip2 Interface Control Document, or the product page.


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