Sensors Expo 2018: Smart Labelling System Eliminates Data Transfer Errors - Fast

TT Electronics’ smart labelling system is groomed for use with its thermocouples. The company’s Roxspur facility is a world class producer of premium thermocouples for the aerospace industry and designed the smart labels to enable users to quickly identify its thermocouples. The smart labels carry a ‘QR code’ that can be scanned by any standard reader or suitably equipped mobile device to quickly and accurately transfer all the encoded data for an individual thermocouple into a customers’ database.


Previously, in line with standard industry practice, product information was transferred manually by retyping data, often read from a small label. That data may have been manually transcribed into several customer applications. With the new smart label, data is streamed directly into customer records. The QR code can also carry additional data that could not have been previously stored due to space constraints.  Useful additional data could include more comprehensive information on the model number, date of manufacture, full specification and essential calibration data, part revision levels and relevant approvals.

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There are multiple benefits of providing this information electronically to engineers, stock controllers and maintenance personnel. Undoubtedly the most significant are the combination of data entry speed and the virtual elimination of transcription errors. In the past there was inevitably a trade-off between speed of data entry and potential mistyping of streams of data.  In short, the smart labels increase efficiency and the data accuracy essential for traceability.


Andy Roberts, TT Electronics’ global business development director said: “With the introduction of smart labelling on our thermocouples it is now much easier for users to quickly retrieve full information about a specific product, in the workplace, warehouse or in the field. In all industries customers are continuously innovative ways to improve productivity, including reducing time and waste created by double work.  This latest innovation serves to illustrate our commitment to continuous improvement as a world class leader in thermocouple technology, both in manufacture and customer service.”


TT Electronics provides a wide range of thermocouples and thermocouple assemblies that are precisely manufactured to meet the industry’s highest standards for temperature measurement. Covering a wide temperature range of between -270 and 1800 C°, the company can provide products to meet customers’ specific requirements.


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