Sensors Expo 2018: Silver Flexible Printed Electronics

Molex will showcase innovative flexible printed electronics including RFID, NFC and sensor solutions at the Sensors Expo 2018 Conference and Exhibition, June 26-28 in San Jose, CA. “Integrating sensor solutions on flexible circuity provides unique solutions over traditional circuit boards as customers’ designs drive to become thinner, more light weight, flexible and more environmentally friendly. Molex printed electronics solutions help to bring our customers’ next-generation products to market”, said Justin Spitzer, marketing manager, printed circuit solutions, Molex.


Specializing in custom-designed, high-quality, flexible circuits, Molex printed electronics solutions serve diverse industries such as security and logistics, consumer, medical, smart packaging, and defense.  Reliable solutions and methods developed by Molex for termination and component attachment save cost, minimize weight and create design possibilities to maximize three-dimensional space with greater density and functionality.

Fierce AI Week

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Molex booth 1145 will showcase several demos and product innovations including:

  • Silver Flexible Circuits – Molex has pioneered groundbreaking techniques to screen fine pitch silver traces on polyester along with robust and reliable component attachment methods. Silver flex circuits on a polyester substrate enables integration of an increasing number of SMT components and can be an economical substitute for flexible copper circuits.
  • Low Power Wireless Solutions – Complementing Molex’s flexible substrates and component assembly, integrated short-range wireless communication solutions including RFID, NFC or Bluetooth protocols are excellent low-power solutions to achieve customer communication needs.
  • Soligie Sensor Systems - Molex draws on the latest in printed and traditional electronic components, sensors, wireless protocols and power sources to deliver next-generation printed sensor solutions. Molex Soligie sensor solutions enable disposable electronics, wearable biosensors and other monitoring systems.
  • Copper Flexible Circuits – Space-saving copper flexible circuits are ideal for small, space constrained applications as well as where bending or flexibility is required.  Molex engineers balance electrical and mechanical needs to deliver a robust flexible copper solution that meets designer specifications.


For more information, visit booth 1145 at Sensors Expo and Molex.

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