Sensors Expo 2018: Position Sensors Live Long & Accurately

TT Electronics’ PHS family of rotary position sensors promise precision sensing in harsh environments and in critical applications where repair costs would be high in the case of a failure.  The hollow shaft single turn position sensors have been designed and built to embrace three main design points; precision, robustness and reliability.


The rotary sensors comprise three separate series named PHS04, PHS07 and PHS11.  They convert angular mechanical position or the motion of a shaft or axle to an analogue or digital electrical signal and are designed for applications that require adjustments to control variable outputs such as position, speed or volume.

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Characteristics shared by the three series are their dust proof construction and stable output characteristics in harsh environments.  A rotational angle of 360 degrees is provided and wide operating temperature ranges up to -40°C to +120°C are tolerated in the case of the PHS11.


All the TT Electronics PHS rotational sensors can be hand or wave soldered and feature long life characteristics of greater than a million cycles, or at least 300,000 in the case of the PHS04 with a 500,000 cycles option available.  They are small sized, the PHS11 boasts an ultra-thin height of 2.2mm and the PHS04 measures just 4 x 5mm in length and width.


Exhibiting a commitment to and an ability to respond to customers’ specific needs and applications, TT Electronics can customize the sensors’ shaft hole diameters for the PH07 and PHS11 ranges.  Rotor types can also be customized from D to H type, as well as electrical output angles and linearity tolerances for super-accurate sensing applications.


Applications for the PHS series are to be found across industrial, medical and transportation markets, and specific ones include robot joint angle control, game controllers, motor drive units, 3D printers, intelligent surveillance camera positioning, rotary angle sensors, electric motor-driven bicycles, HAVC sensors, patient monitoring systems, medical diagnostic devices, dental chair positions, car audio and shift-by-wire gearshift systems.


TT Electronics’ PHS04 and PHS07 are supplied in trays or boxes and the ultra slim PHS11 sensors are supplied in tape and reel form. 


For further information on the PHS family and product selector visit:


Visit TT at Sensors Expo & Conference in booth #830.

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