Sensors Expo 2018: MEMS Sensors & MCUs Enable Rapid Prototyping, If You Know How

Whether you are a seasoned pro or newbie to designing with MEMS sensors and microcontrollers (MCUs), you will need tools and some good inside tips on how to create well working prototypes. In the arena, STMicroelectronics is a household name, and noted as one of the top leaders in the field.


At Sensors Expo 2018 in San Jose, CA, STMicroelectronics will be presenting a hands-on workshop that will walk attendees through the intricacies of designing working prototypes based on MEMS sensors and MCUs using the company’s noted prototyping platform, AlgoBuilder is a complete development environment enabling quick prototyping of solutions that can be built using MEMS Sensors, microcontrollers, and software building blocks such as algorithm libraries with user’s own logic.

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ST’s AlgoBuilder is a complete Development environment enabling quick prototyping of solution that can be built using MEMS Sensors, microcontroller and software building blocks such as algorithm libraries with user’s own logic. The platform employs a simple graphical design approach, i.e., drag and drop, connect, set properties, etc., for quick prototyping of applications for MEMS sensors and STM32 MCUs. A comprehensive range of function blocks are available in libraries including motion sensor algorithms, sensor fusion, activity recognition, for starts. Function blocks can also be user created.

C code is generated from the graphical design and combined with binary libraries and FW template for selected STM32 MCUs. The design’s output is a fully functional FW project that can be compiled and used with one of the NUCLEO boards to test its functionality. A Unicleo-GUI can be used to visualize, store, and playback sensor data, as well as display outputs from running firmware generated by AlgoBuilder.


Want to get more familiar with AlgoBuilder before you attend? An AlgoBuilder datasheet awaits your eager eyes.


The workshop, titled “Rapid Prototyping with MEMS Sensors and Microcontrollers: A Hands-On Workshop Introducing the ST AlgoBuilder”, will take place Wednesday, June 27, 2018, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Speakers include Miroslav Batek Team Leader, Application Engineer for MEMS Products, STMicroelectronics, and Matteo Fusi, Sensors and Actuators Solutions, STMicroelectronics. 


All participants will receive a FREE STM32L4 Nucleo + X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 evaluation boards.  Space is limited, first come, first seated. All Participants must have a PC running Windows (7/8 or 10) with administrator privileges to participate. All Sensors Expo attendees can attend free of charge, but must opt in during registration or in the Attendee Resource Center.


However, before you can leap in and reap all the benefits of this free education, you must register for Sensors Expo 2018.


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