Sensors Expo 2018: High-Precision TMR Geartooth Encoders Deliver Sine/Cosine Outputs

At Sensors Expo 2018 in San Jose, CA, MultiDimension Technology (MDT) released its Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) geartooth encoder TMR-GE-A series with analog sine/cosine outputs. Designed for gears in 0.3/0.4/0.5 module with high-precision sine/cosine outputs per gear pitch, the TMR-GE-A-03/04/05 geartooth encoders are ideally suited for rotary position and speed sensing in high-performance industrial applications, including precision machinery, energy and power generation systems, equipment for railway and elevators.


MDT's TMR-GE-A series is the first analog sine/cosine geartooth encoders based on TMR technology. Features include:

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  • Orthogonal since/cosine differential outputs in each gear period with very low harmonic distortion
  • Zero position signal output
  • High-speed operation up to 1MHz
  • Built-in capability for auto-calibration
  • Large tolerance to air-gap and installation position
  • Ultra-compact form factor in a space-saving design
  • IP68 protection grade for harsh operation conditions 

MDT showcased the TMR switch sensors, TMR angle sensors, TMR linear sensors and TMR geartooth sensors in standard packaged devices, and TMR image sensors and TMR geartooth encoders at Sensors Expo in San Jose, CA in booth #526 during June 27-28, 2018.

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