Sensors Expo 2018: Gas Sensors Address Critical Indoor Air Quality Applications


Demonstrated at Sensors Expo in San Jose, CA, booth #1311, the ZMOD family of integrated gas sensors promise best-in-class stability and sensitivity for measuring volatile organic compound (VOC) gases. They are viable for indoor air quality applications, including smart thermostats, air purifiers, smart HVAC equipment and other “smart home” devices. 


The ZMOD sensors feature an advanced ASIC-based hardware platform that enables software configurability allowing for a rapid release of new sensing capabilities from one platform. Also, the sensors are based on IDT’s 12-year history of producing and shipping metal oxide (MOx) materials, which gives ZMOD devices notable sensitivity and reliability.  They are also electrically and chemically tested to ensure consistency from lot to lot and carry complete qualification for harsh use cases such as siloxanes.


The ZMOD4410 is the first member of the ZMOD family. It is available in a 12-pin LGA assembly that measures 3mm x 3mm. Visit IDT for datasheets, samples, and evaluation kits.