Sensors Expo 2018: Excelitas Technologies Launches Cermax IR Lamp

(Excelitas Technologies Corp.)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. introduces Cermax IR, an IR-emitting light source that offers flexibility, far-field projection and a wide range of performance response for security, environmental monitoring and other applications.

The next-generation Cermax IR leverages Excelitas’ broad experience with IR-emitting light sources to offer the widest, most flexible array of versatile noble fill-gases available, including Krypton and different-ratio mixes of Xenon/Krypton. New technology enhancements and extended gas-fill capabilities in the Cermax IR product line enable very long ranges and emissions over a broader field in comparison to other products on the market. The IR output level can be customized for specific application requirements.

Cermax IR uses the same rugged, reflector-integrated body as Excelitas’ other industry-recognized medical and industrial Cermax products. It is designed for use in domestic security, environmental monitoring and gas detection (e.g., for refineries and chemical processing plants, etc.), for border control applications, and semiconductor wafer defect detection.

“The Cermax IR Series offers the advantage of creating a very broad array of spectral outputs since each of the fill gases and their ratios have a unique IR fingerprint,” said James Clements, Product Manager at Excelitas. “This allows OEMs and Design Engineers the ability to tailor their product design to a specific set of performance characteristics, with unprecedented IR emitting flexibility.”

In addition to various gases and fill pressures, a tremendous range of wattages, from 125 W to 2.4 kW, is available in the highly efficient, robustly designed and easily integrated Cermax IR.

Excelitas’ new Cermax IR will be showcased at Sensors Expo (booth #1022) June 27-28 in San Jose, CA. For more information about Excelitas, visit