Sensors Expo 2015: A Major Success

Okay, so you believe I have to say only good things about a tradeshow that I represent, it’s in my best interests, right? Actually, it’s in the best interest of those who didn’t make it to Sensors Expo 2015 in Long Beach, CA. Without comparing it to last year’s event in Rosemont, IL, this was one fantastic show on many levels.

Kicking off the first formal day, keynote speaker Dr. Mike North pounded the puck out of the rink in more ways than one. First, he took the audience through what would be typical days for him. As host of Prototype This, a cable TV show, he creates new products and devices that meet two important criteria: they have not been created yet and must perform some important function (not a diversion). Oh yeah, he has to do this twice a week – talk about design deadlines!

After running through an array of mind-bending inventions, all of which show great promise in future markets, he stressed the fact that innovation is limited only by the imagination and the level of willingness to venture forward. And speaking of venturing forward, Dr. North broke his leg and ankle shortly before the show. Not only did he show up on time and eager to go, he invented a special cast and boot to aid in the healing process. The cast was outfit with a unique set of sensors and LEDs plus a frequency generator to provide sonic healing.

On day one after this inspiring keynote, the exhibition floor opened. This is where much shoe leather and rubber gets burned up by all in attendance. After spending the next seven hours meeting with many of the exhibiting companies, there was a great sense of satisfaction coming from them. Nearly all who I met with reported great success in terms of networking new clients as well as generating far more leads on the first day than expected of the entire conference. Their words, not mine, but we are quite pleased to say the least!

Several episodes of Prototype This are available HERE. More about Sensors Expo 2015 to come. ~ MD