Sensors Enable Portable, Pro, And Private Percussion

Every now and then, a sensor-based product comes along that is not only fun, but also highly functional across a range of creative applications. In addition, we rarely seem to look at musical electronics, so you figure that is at least a start in the direction of fun.

Probably one of parents’ greatest fears is their child wanting to learn/play one of the four loudest instruments on the planet: trumpet/trombone/tuba/all wind instruments, violin, and any-and-all drums/percussion instruments. Now the violin is not really loud, it just seems extremely loud for the first two years of lessons.

Of the group, drums is probably the best choice for two reasons: they don’t take a long time to learn how to play the basics and you probably have a better chance of getting into band playing drums than if you opted for a tuba. However you look at it, drums are loud and could be detrimental to the parent’s lease, nervous system, and overall sanity.

Of course there are alternatives such as practice pads, which have no character or resemblance to drum sounds and can be equally annoying even at the lower volume. And then there are an array of electronic drum systems on the market that range in price from low to inane, and can take up as much, if not more space as a full sized drum kit. All of these have another thing in common, which is they are not very portable. Korg’s CLIPHIT can solve this maze of problems.

CLIPHIT provides one with a full drum kit using a module the size of an egg-shaped grapefruit. It employs three clips with internal sensors that users can attach to almost any surface, turning that surface into a drum, hand-percussion instrument, or cymbal. Users can then strike these surfaces and play drums in real time. Volume varies with the level of striking force and is independently adjustable for each clip. CLIPHIT also offer two optional pedals that can be used to simulate the bass drum and hi-hat parts of the drum kit.

Eleven different selectable drum kits are included, including snare, hi-hat, toms, cymbals, bass drums. EFX programmed sounds such as conga, tambourine, handclaps, and even dog barks are just some of the sounds included. With the optional pedal switches, users can play a total of five different sounds simultaneously, three with the clips and two with the pedal.

The module operates on either a 9-Vdc external supply or four AA batteries, providing up to six hours of operation. Within a bass-reflex design, the module packs a 2W output into 3-in, speaker.

To watch a video demo of CLIPHIT, just CLICK HERE, and for further information and specs, CLICK HERE. Price varies depending on the retailer.

So on that note, CLIPHIT may be the ideal gift for a friend, relative, budding musician, or even yourself. Who knows, you may become the next Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, Billy Cobam, Carmine Appice, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Keith Moon, or even Mickey Dolenz. You can even drum yourself into (or out of) a political frenzy. The sky’s the limit! ~MD

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